10 Reasons Why Companies Budget For Outsourced Marketing Support

Here’s Why Companies Add Outsourced Marketing Consulting To Their Annual Budgets

We compiled the below list and information from various sources including our observations from working with many businesses over the years.

Since founding Bridge the Gap Media in 2009,  we still find that owners and company executives are very confused about marketing.  The more significant problem for most companies is that the person managing the marketing doesn’t understand what to do.  They don’t understand all facets of marketing let alone how marketing ties in with your website, revenue generation, sales, digital media, and business development.
The marketing communication world continues to change at a rapid pace.  Because there are so many ways to market your business today, rarely can a company manage all their marketing efforts without outside help.  If you want to grow, you must have a multi-talented marketing leader on your team or hire an outside firm to lead your marketing growth strategy. Having a comprehensive online marketing presence is no longer an option, it’s a must-have!

10 Reasons You Need To Budget For Outsourced Marketing Support

  • It Will Save You Money – You can hire a marketing firm to lead your efforts at a fraction of what it costs to hire someone internally.
  • It’s Not Just Marketing! – Great marketing companies understand how marketing, website strategies, sales processes, business development, and digital media all work together to drive growth.
  • Great Agencies Make Sure Your Marketing Gets Done. They have your back!  – No matter how busy or crazy it gets,  you have someone to keep you on track.  For many of our clients, this is the biggest thing we bring to the table.
  • Focus and Continuity – Most plans fail because of a lack of focus and consistency. Outside help guards against that.
  • Employing the Best Practices – No more guessing what is going to work. We know from past experiences.
  • You Get Diverse Skills and Expertise – Many times internal marketing people only understand a few aspects of marketing. Today there are hundreds of things you need to understand.
  • Accessing the Tools of Technology – Outside firms have access to and know how to use many marketing tools and technologies that are available today.
  • Fresh Ideas and Different Perspectives – One of the biggest reasons to seek outside help is to add a fresh perspective to your team.
  • Optimized Constantly and Improved – With the constant change in marketing tools and options, you will be current with your efforts.
  • You Can Be As Involved As You Want To Be – When working with outside agencies, some clients are very hands-on, and others have limited involvement. It’s your choice.

Having an online marketing presence is no longer an option, it’s a must-have!

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