Below Is A 5 Step Content Marketing Process We Use With Many Of Our Clients. We Use Traditional Media & Online Marketing To Drive Brand Engagement & Revenue!

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Do these 5 things consistently & you will build your brand, share & revenue!

The 5 Content Marketing Keys:

1. A Website that is engaging with educational content marketing and a responsive design.
2. Content that people want to read, download and share.
3. An Email Marketing plan that shares your brand and thought leadership with your audience.
4. Social Media followers that care about your product.
5. A revenue generating plan to follow up on data and analytics on who has opened, clicked and shared your content. These are your key customers.

Key #1 – A Website That Looks Great On Mobile Devices

It All Starts With An Interactive Content Driven Website That Looks Great On Mobile Devices!
For Hospitality Construction Services we designed and built the below interactive site. We continue to add content to the site, create and manage their brand positioning with email marketing and social media. At the end of it all we work with the Hospitality team to understand who is reading and engaged with their website and content.

5 step integrated marketing process Hospitality Construction Services

Key #2 – A Content Marketing Plan – Great Content Drives Relationships


Hand writing Content Marketing concept on whiteboardWe created the below article and posted it to the client’s website. The article helps prospects and clients solve problems. A properly written article also helps you get found by search engines. If you want people to pay attention to what you are doing you must create great content like articles, video, and other tools that help people solve problems. Click here to see the article live >


 Key #3 – An Email Marketing Plan – Email Marketing Is Then Used To Share Info


email-marketing-imageLike with most of our clients, we build and segment their database and then create a brand position and strategy to share articles, images and other relevant content via the email newsletter. As with this newsletter, we link stories and images back to other educational content on our website. We continue to improve our email engagement by tracking and making changes to the content we share. Click here to see the email marketing issue that we used in this campaign>


Key #4 – Social Media Sharing Is Critical To Your Success

socialmediastrategy-275x206We then build out our client’s social media profiles and share content and the email newsletters on each social media account. Here we used LinkedIn and other social media accounts to share the article that we produced. The article was shared on multiple LinkedIn profiles. Ultimately this is how you expand your relationships and brand using social media. Click here to see how the article was posted and shared on LinkedIn >



Key # 5 – Analytic Data – Properly Using Analytic Data Drives Revenue Growth

google-analytics-300x146During the first 18 months of the website launch we generated over 45,000 page views and we had over 15,000 sessions on the site. Each visitor visited 3.3 pages when they came to the site.  That builds brands! With email analytic data we can tell you opened, clicked on and who shared the information in your email and on your site.



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