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10 Reasons Why Companies Budget For Outsourced Marketing Support

Here’s Why Companies Add Outsourced Marketing Consulting To Their Annual Budgets We compiled the below list and information from various sources including our observations from working with many businesses over the years. Since founding Bridge the Gap Media in 2009,  we still find that owners and company executives are very confused about marketing.  The more significant problem for most companies is that the person managing the marketing doesn’t understand what to do.  They don’t understand all facets of marketing let alone how marketing ties in with your website, revenue generation, sales, digital media, and business development. The marketing communication world continues to change at a rapid pace.  Because there are so many ways to market your business today, rarely can a company manage all their marketing efforts without outside help.  If you want to grow, you must have a multi-talented marketing leader on your team or hire an outside firm to lead your marketing growth strategy. Having a comprehensive online marketing presence is no longer an option, it's a must-have! 10 Reasons You [...]

5 Content Marketing Key Steps To Successfully Building Your Online Brand!

Below Is A 5 Step Content Marketing Process We Use With Many Of Our Clients. We Use Traditional Media & Online Marketing To Drive Brand Engagement & Revenue! Click On The Links Or Images Below To See How We Recently Executed The 5 Content Marketing Steps For A Client. Do these 5 things consistently & you will build your brand, share & revenue! The 5 Content Marketing Keys: 1. A Website that is engaging with educational content marketing and a responsive design. 2. Content that people want to read, download and share. 3. An Email Marketing plan that shares your brand and thought leadership with your audience. 4. Social Media followers that care about your product. 5. A revenue generating plan to follow up on data and analytics on who has opened, clicked and shared your content. These are your key customers. Key #1 - A Website That Looks Great On Mobile Devices It All Starts With An Interactive Content Driven Website That Looks Great On Mobile Devices! For Hospitality Construction [...]

What’s Wrong With My Online Marketing Efforts

We've seen many things change over the last decade in the world of sales and marketing. Clients are genuinely confused on how to manage their company efforts in this changing digital world! Most of the time, we see companies with outdated websites, no or limited social media presence, no email marketing plan and no plan to communicate with relevant content to help consumers through the buying process. For others, we find their marketing and sales efforts are put together in a scattered and ineffective manner. Typically, the online marketing process is organized and managed by inexperienced employees, interns, vendors with limited sales and marketing experience or in some cases there is nobody managing the online presence. These are the main reasons online efforts fail. Where do you stand? Your online brand is too important to let any of this happen. Your REVENUE growth is dependent on how you BUILD your online brand and how you manage CHANGE within your organization. If you need help, we would love to share some success [...]

National Institute of Standards and Technology – MML Division

Recently, Bridge the Gap Media was hired by the National Institute of Standards and Technology MML division. The NIST, Material Measurement Laboratory was looking for a vendor to develop a website and to build a custom PDF that would deliver the division’s 5 year strategic plan. Some of the goals and other specifics about this project were: Create a website and PDF that would properly represent MML’s brand, vision and mission. Help lead organizational change and create excitement by creatively delivering the NIST MML brand message. Partner with a vendor that had been in web development and the communications business for a minimum of 5 years. Build the website on a mobile friendly platform, so it would look great on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Incorporate contemporary standards of design and usability in both the website and the PDF Develop the website on an intuitive content management system for MML’s staff to easily update. We suggested multiple options and eventually built the site on Drupal, which they were [...]

Video, Content Marketing and Social Media

Below is a link to a website page and a link to a video we created for one of our clients. This showcases how we create video, content marketing and social media that work together to drive website traffic, brand awareness and ultimately sales. Video, Content Marketing and Social Mediasales. We created the video, promoted the case study, built the website landing page and created a social media strategy for Bond Water Technologies to promote their products and services. While this business is most likely different from yours, the concept and strategy is still a very relevant example of how to create content to use for both sales and marketing. Using Video, Content Marketing and Social Media together to drive brand awareness and sales. Here are the highlights of how this is being used: 1. The following link will take you to the landing page we created to house the information on the website http://bondwater.com/daf-issues-chemicals-that-reduce-bod-tss-fog/ 2. The video and landing page are optimized for search engines. Try typing in [...]

Convert PowerPoint To Video

Success with sales and marketing today is about creating online content that helps solve your prospects' problems. In this example, we convert PowerPoint presentations to video for lead generation and education. Below is a great example of how we converted PowerPoint presentations to video with a free tool called RZ Video Converter. Our client, Bond Water Technologies, spoke at an industrial conference on how their customers could improve efficiencies and save money by using one of their products. Once we figured out how to convert PowerPoint presentations to video, it was then our job to figure how to best use the new tool. The new video, complete with complex animations and music, was used across multiple online and traditional marketing channels to promote the product. Why Did We Convert PowerPoint Presentations To Video? Ultimately, For Lead Generation! The video is being used the following ways... As part of a targeted email marketing campaign to thousands of customers and prospects. We added the video to our Youtube channel and optimized it so [...]

Content is King!

Content is King This is a re-post from Entrepreneur Magazine. To read the original article you can click here. When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today's business-to-business entrepreneur. Late this summer, HiveFire, a Cambridge, Mass.-based internet marketing software solutions company, surveyed nearly 400 marketing professionals about the state of the business-to-business, or B2B, market, and discovered that marketers are retreating from traditional marketing tactics such as search marketing and have made content marketing the most-used tactic in their brand-enhancing tool box. Fact is, according to HiveFire's B2B Marketing Trends Survey Report, twice as many B2B marketers now employ content marketing as they do print, TV and radio advertising, according to the survey. So what exactly is content marketing? It's the creation and publication of original content -- including blog posts, case studies, white papers, videos and photos -- for the purpose of generating leads, [...]

Email Marketing Still #1

Bridge the Gap with email marketing & frequent website updates As the following infograph shows, social media for small business is slowly catching on but email marketing remains the number one tool for small business owners. The graph also shows how infrequently small business owners update their websites. We believe the key to small business sales growth lies in the following process... Communicating and sharing valuable information with your existing relationships. This is accomplished by building an email database and social connections with your existing contacts. This includes clients, prospects, vendors and partners. Then you must create valuable content to share with your audience. Content might be pictures, video, how-to guides and other information that helps your contacts perform better at their jobs. Finally that information is posted on your website and your contacts are driven to your updated web-site with email marketing, word of mouth and other social media techniques. After you review the infograph, contact us if you have questions on how you can use these strategies to grow [...]

26 Promising Social Media Stats for Small Businesses

This re-post from Social Media Examiner is a great look at how the world of small business marketing and sales is changing... Is your small business “all in” with social media? New research shows incredible opportunity for small businesses. Keep reading to discover why social media is changing small business for the better. Six months ago, I highlighted many benefits of social media for small business, but several new research articles add urgency to this message. Swiftly Changing Landscape Social media marketing is a rapidly changing environment, as we all know. But the good news is that your customers are embracing social media as a normal part of their lives. Even the over-50 population is adapting at staggering rates. The following 26 stats should impress upon you the importance of developing a social media strategy for your business. #1: There are now more than 800 million active Facebook users, with over 200 million added in 2011. Notice the growth trend traced by Ben Foster. Click here to read more.....

Do I really need a new website?

Was Your Website Created Or Last Updated When MySpace Was Popular? It's Time For A Change! After you watch the video contact us by clicking here, email us at info@btgmedia.com or call (301) 337-8135. To watch the video on a full screen click on the small screen image at the bottom of the window between the volume and Screenr logo.     Today's business websites have evolved beyond what used to be the on-line version of a good brochure. The fact that new technologies have emerged to allow businesses to interact with their customers and prospects more effectively has allowed marketers to implement new and more efficient programs to brand their businesses, educate their customers and intrigue their prospects in ways previously unavailable. But the overriding notion among many small business owners is that the costs for website design and strategy implementation are prohibitive, leading them to stick with the old web designs while missing out on the opportunities available to them. That is simply not the case and there are [...]