Photographs, articles, product announcements, presentations, audio, videos and blog posts are some examples of content that we create for our clients. We then publish and share that content in email newsletters and in social media with their customers, prospects and vendors. Our Email Marketing programs drive sales, integrate with social media and build stronger brand recognition. We help our clients get organized, craft and communicate an effective message and most importantly grow their revenue.

Email Marketing is a targeted, cost effective and a powerful way of staying in touch with customers and prospects. You can use email marketing to build your brand, introduce new products or services and to generate new business leads. Email marketing is great for building brand loyalty, and can be best used as a tool to stay in touch with your existing client base. Combine Email Marketing with social media and you have an incredibly effective marketing tool. Email marketing is a fast, flexible, and a powerful way to get your message across.

Cost effectively grow sales and build stronger foundations with email marketing

If you want to learn how to effectively use Email Marketing read the following bullet points and then contact us.

  • Targeted – You can send emails to your entire list or you can segment the list and send the email to selected targets.
  • Announcements – Email Marketing is great for announcing new products, services or events.
  • Website, Landing Page or Blog Driver – It is all about engagement. We will show you how to get people to engage with your company by driving them to your website for more information. Create the right offer for the right target audience and people will visit your site, landing page or blog.
  • Social Media – Email is a great tool to drive people to your social media profiles.
  • Affordable and quick – Unlike Direct Mail and other marketing options, you can quickly design and send Email Marketing messages to your target audience.
  • Brand Building – When you regularly communicate with Email Marketing you stay top of mind with your target audience. Email is visual and it is a great tool for building your brand.
  • Tracking Results – One of the greatest benefits of email is the ability to track who has opened, clicked on and interacted with your email and brand. This is a great sales tool!
  • Higher Response rates – Email delivers higher response rates than other media.

Want to see some samples of our email marketing work? Click on any image below and then scroll through the gallery.

Our process

We find that many of our clients don’t know where to start. Our process is simple and it works.

  • First we discuss company positioning strategies, marketing messages, goals and finally we set expectations for our relationship.
  • We then coordinate the email marketing messaging with your other marketing and sales efforts.
  • Then we organize our clients’ information and contacts by starting the building process for their email and contact database. We gather email address and contact information from all essential employees, vendors and other partners.
  • We then take that contact information and put it into our email marketing program.
  • We decide on the frequency of our email marketing program. Will we send information out once a quarter, once a month or weekly? How will we tie it into our social media profiles? It all depends on the client and the target audience.
  • For some clients we work with them to build out LinkedIn and other Social Media connections.
  • For some clients we create content for the email messages and other Social Media platforms. This might be video, photos, tips that are relevant to the target audience or maybe we are organizing a seminar.
  • We design the first email message and send it to our targeted list.
  • We then track results to see who has opened and interacted with our email campaign.
  • We consult with our clients on how to use the email tracking information for sales follow-up.
  • We then design new email marketing messages and we continue to track email interaction.
  • Over time the email list will clearly show the value of each person on your list. We will know after a short period of time the on-line value of each of your contacts.

Get organized – Communicate your message – Grow revenue

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