Need A Modern Day Marketing Department But Don’t Want To Spend 6 Figures & Pay Benefits?
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You’re trying to grow your business but you’re not sure how to effectively communicate with existing and potential customers. You know you have outdated marketing and business development strategies but you’re busy and don’t have the needed expertise to build a successful plan…. The key to your success lies in Integrated Marketing.

Integrated marketing is the process of coordinating your traditional marketing, advertising, public relations, media and sales processes to work in harmony with your online presence.

Here’s how integrated marketing works…

It all starts with a mobile friendly website that is rich in educational content. That content might include blogs…how-to articles…case studies…videos…or photographs.  For this example, let’s look at how we would use a video across marketing channels…First we create a how-to video as marketing content…it’s then posted to your YouTube channel….posted to your website as a landing page and the words are transcribed and rewritten for search engine optimization so Google will find it…We then post the video to your social media channels…We create an email marketing announcement that drives your contacts to the landing page and we use it as a lead generation tool in paid online marketing…We then tie it all together by tagging your traditional marketing ads with the location of the video on the website…Now it’s time to sit back and build your business development and revenue growth strategy by tracking engagement through Google, email and social media analytics.

That’s how integrated marketing works to build your brand and grow revenue.  Do it correctly and consistently and people will start liking, rating and sharing your content across social media channels.

It takes experience and know how to pull it all together and make it work. We’ve been doing this for years and can help you stay ahead of your competition.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  And let’s grow your customer base!  Call us at 301-337-8135 or Email us at

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