We understand how to use radio advertising to generate leads, build brand and grow revenue.

Radio Planning and Buying – Bridge The Gap Media has worked with hundreds of clients over the years. We deliver a unique combination of media consulting and targeted radio buying. With years of experience in traditional media, new media, sponsorships, sales and marketing communication we understand how to communicate with consumers today. Combine that with our deep buying relationships with broadcasters and emerging media publishers and we give you a strong foundation for future success.

Radio advertising is still a great tool for marketers

We all grew up listening to the radio and if you are like most people the odds are pretty good you still listen. You might not listen as much as you did fifteen years ago but you still listen. Think about it, Radio was the original Social Media. Long before the internet people tuned into radio to share stories, points of view and other information via the radio waves. Listeners tuned in to listen to news, weather, traffic, a favorite talk show host or a favorite personality. Radio advertisers found that those listeners were qualified, engaged, loyal and active consumers that would buy products. Nothing has changed!

Radio advertising worked twenty years ago and it works now. You just need to use it correctly. Here are a few steps you need to follow to make sure it works for you.

  • Radio’s value goes well beyond direct response. – Often overlooked is radios tremendous ability to build brand and credibility for your brand. Radio will drive leads to your organization but the reality is when used properly radio makes ALL of your advertising more effective. Listen to your favorite radio stations and pay attention to the advertisers that are on all the time. What do they know that you don’t? Annual radio revenue in the United States is close $20 billion. Radio works!
  • The right message and offer – You must have a commercial message and offer that will get results. They can easily be crafted by someone who understands how to communicate with your target radio audience.
  • Buy the right radio stations and audience – If you buy the wrong stations you will not get results. You might have the greatest offer but if the people hearing the message don’t want to buy what you are selling you are wasting your money.
  • Tie it all back to a website and/or landing page – The Internet has changed how we buy products and services. Think about it, most people research online before they buy anything. Make it easy for your audience to learn about your product.Create a website and landing page that will showcase what you are selling. Websites and landing pages extend your radio message. By simply adding something like “for more information go to great www.greatoffer.com” in your commercial you will extend the life of your commercial message. It’s all about giving people the option to look at your offer when they want to look at the offer.


  • The right expectations – Give it time to work! It will work and will work well if you follow the outline above. If you are using radio advertising you need to follow a few rules if you want great results.


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