Not long ago words like analytics, social media, lead nurturing and content marketing were rarely used when talking about sales. Are you trying to develop business the same way you did five years ago? If so, it’s time to adjust your sales strategy because the fundamentals of strategic selling have changed. Today your Website, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Content integration are at the foundation of great sales and marketing plans. We’ll show you how to generate more revenue by building a fresh sales and marketing strategy using the new media and communication tools of today.

Think about it. Is your sales strategy built for today or are you still selling and marketing like you did in the year 2007 or before? Do you have the right type of people in your organization to sell today?… Is your marketing cutting edge?…Do your customers talk about how great you are?… Have you given them a platform to share those feelings about you with others?… Do you have the right tools to get people to respond and recommend you?
As shown in the below pictures… the processes of sales and marketing have gone through enormous change over the last decade. We used to fill our traditional sales funnel with as many new names as possible by cold calling and other antiquated ways of generating leads. Today, successful companies create interactive websites and on-line initiatives that share valuable content with prospects and customers. These companies understand how to communicate with customers and prospects on-line as well as face-to-face. They are getting leads through Social Media, referrals from past and prospective customers and they have figured out how to create word of mouth buzz for their product or services.

There was a time when you could market with only TV, Radio or Print and people would respond to your message and buy. Today you might still use traditional media but in order to compete you must do more. People buy differently today…they do research, ask questions, research more, ask for recommendations, research more and then buy.
Are you set up to market and sell that way today? As the above funnels show, today’s great companies grow on-line through Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media. The model has changed and we can show you how to adapt. We will show you how to build your business by becoming partners with your customers, vendors and prospects. We work with companies to Bridge The Gap between old antiquated sales plans and today’s new social media and marketing tools.
If you are not selling and marketing with today’s new media tools you will eventually be forced to compete only on price and that’s not good for any business. Think about it, as recently as seven years ago social media didn’t exist. Facebook was launched in 2004, LinkedIn in 2003, YouTube in 2005 and Twitter in 2006.

The success or failure of your organization depends on a solid and current sales strategy. We build sales plans that work in conjunction with marketing lead generation programs. We can work with you on recruiting, training and developing sales people, sales managers, other key managers and other non-sales employees. We design and build sales systems and processes for sales teams. We outline business development and sales targeting strategies. We work with you to exceed your revenue goals.
Are you confused on how to integrate your traditional sales strategies with the on-line world?. We can help!

Our process is straight forward. We assess each of our clients’ individual needs then build a customized strategy and executable plan to drive revenue growth. Our clients look to us for guidance, advice and coaching on all areas related to sales. We build effective sales and marketing plans that combine traditional sales processes with new media marketing tools.

Below are a few areas of focus for our sales consulting services. Depending on your needs, we will customize a plan that might encompass all or part of the areas listed below.

    • Web-site design and use as an interaction sales and marketing tool. Do you have the ability to easily update your website. If not we offer affordable web design services that will give you the ability to easily update your site.
    • Account list management. Organizing contact information and lists. Focus on building an email database.
    • Create sales strategy to get more revenue from existing customers.
    • We teach companies how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to generate sales.
    • Design referral and word of mouth marketing strategy.
    • Email marketing programs to drive on –line lead generation.
    • Review of sales projections and sales history.
    • Sales training for sales people, support staff and managers.
    • Assess closing ratios and success of current sales systems and processes. Make recommendations on how to improve areas that need improvement.
    • Evaluation and re-design of current sales tools. This might include:

Sales presentation materials
Sales letters
Phone scripts

We have a thorough understanding of traditional business development techniques and we know how to tie those in with today’s new interactive marketing and sales tools. Contact us today and we can customize an effective sales strategy for your needs.
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