Success with sales and marketing today is about creating online content that helps solve your prospects’ problems. In this example, we convert PowerPoint presentations to video for lead generation and education.

Below is a great example of how we converted PowerPoint presentations to video with a free tool called RZ Video Converter. Our client, Bond Water Technologies, spoke at an industrial Convert PowerPoint Presentations To Videoconference on how their customers could improve efficiencies and save money by using one of their products.

Once we figured out how to convert PowerPoint presentations to video, it was then our job to figure how to best use the new tool. The new video, complete with complex animations and music, was used across multiple online and traditional marketing channels to promote the product.

Why Did We Convert PowerPoint Presentations To Video? Ultimately, For Lead Generation!

The video is being used the following ways…

  • As part of a targeted email marketing campaign to thousands of customers and prospects.
  • We added the video to our Youtube channel and optimized it so people can find us when searching for solutions to this problem.
  • We posted the videos to the website to function as an educational and lead generation tool for anyone that visits the website page.
  • Sales reps and managers have the option to post the video link and information to their personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • We posted the video and other information to their social media accounts.
  • It will be used for future conferences and sales presentations as a sales tool.
  • The page will also be used in upcoming paid social media marketing campaigns.

To stay ahead of your competition, you need to stay current, be creative and make sure all your marketing channels are working together. Using tools like video to promote your products and services are one of the many things great companies are doing today to stay current and get ahead.

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You can see the converted video by clicking on the image below.