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Sales, Marketing & Business Strategy

Trying to figure out how to integrate sales strategy with traditional media and online media? We can teach you how!

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Content Marketing & Inbound Marketing

Are you creating website content that visitors want to read and search engines will find? That is the foundation of inbound marketing.

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Website Design & Email

Confused on who’s visiting your website? We build marketing plans that create site traffic, build brands and grow revenue!

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Radio Advertising, Media & Sports 

Ever wonder how companies like yours are using radio, television, and sports marketing to build their brand and separate themselves from their competition?

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Social Media, PPC &

Confused about how and when to use social media, search engine optimization and pay per click? Join the club!

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How We Help Our Clients

Many of our clients hire us as their outsourced marketing department.  They find that their marketing and growth plans are suffering because their internal employees lack modern-day sales, marketing, online, and business development knowledge and experience.  Others hire us to compliment their existing internal team. We bring experience and a diverse set of  marketing, advertising, sales and business development skills that compliment our client’s internal teams.  Either way, the online world is changing so fast, virtually every business needs to hire outside help.

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This Video Showcases How We Execute Integrated Marketing & Business Development Plans For Our Clients

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What People Say About Us

“Having worked with Jim for years across multiple mediums I can say with absolute certainty that he is one of the most talented and multifaceted marketing professionals I know.

He has a keen sense for how various departments and components fit together, and has the uncanny ability to get them to communicate and integrate. He sees the complete picture, from broadcast and traditional media to online and interactive media and how those elements tie into sales.”

Chris Yoko, Owner Yoko Consulting
“Simply stated, Jimmy is an innovator and tremendous communicator. I worked with Jimmy in developing a launch and acquisition strategy for Red Zebra Broadcasting / Redskins Radio Network. Jimmy is great at optimizing current revenue streams and finding new untapped sources. I continue to learn a lot from his approach and hope to work together in future endeavors.”
Eric Herd, VP SportsFanLive , Sports Marketing Executive & Client Services Manager, Red Zebra Broadcasting / Washington Redskins
“Exceptional with relationships; brilliant with recruiting and training sales talent; and the wonder boy of team builders…..That’s Jim Weiskopf. He’s got a sharp entrepreneurial spirit and knows how to deliver the bottom line on time. Meet Jim once and you’ll never forget him. One of his many great gifts is that he won’t forget you either!”
Mark Lapidus, VP Digital Media Comcast/Marketing Director / Director of Internet Operations, Clear Channel Worldwide
“Jim is one of the most dedicated marketing professionals I know. His commitment to getting results for his clients is truly remarkable. His love for learning has kept his strategic recommendations cutting edge and ahead of the competition. I’ve long admired Jim’s ability to create unique, never been done before, marketing plans that achieve outstanding results.”
Elizabeth Hamilton, President, Sapient Marketing Partners
“My business partner and I hired Jim Weiskopf and Bridge The Gap Media to help rebuild our foundation for future stability and growth. Bond has dedicated and committed associates working for us and a great customer base that keeps us busy but we felt it was time to transition our company to a higher level of organization, efficiency, and effectiveness. After over eleven years building a successful business, we needed help from an outside expert that could look at Bond from another point of view rather than our perspective. It was time to hire an outside professional who understands strategic business management, marketing and sales. Jim has not disappointed us and he’s quickly earned the trust and respect of our team. We are currently redefining our key managers and owners roles within company. Once we complete this it will be time to build our strategic plan for sales and marketing. He is a great coach, developer of systems, processes and builder of teams. Jim’s ability to communicate is just one of his tremendous assets as he is able to listen, understand, and help us implement changes that we otherwise would not be able to do on our own. Jim does things for us that we don’t have the time, the skills, or the desire to do. He functions as a strategic manager, mediator, and unbiased analyst helping us come to the best solution so our company can achieve our goals and objectives. He brings diverse, in-depth business experience to the table with patience, creativity and forward thinking. Jim does an excellent job of keeping us on track with agreed upon deadlines and commitments. His ability to bring these qualities to our management staff keeps our team moving forward and in the end achieves unparalleled successes.
John Peterson – President, Matthew E. Mallon – Vice – President
“I’ve known Jim for several years as, before he provided any services to our company from Bridge the Gap Media, he was the VP of Sales and Marketing for our organization. Jim’s experience is demonstrated through discussion, his confidence in what he does and results produced. He is a great team leader and manager of people with great ideas. Once we started discussing opportunities with his company, Bridge the Gap Media, I knew he had a lot to offer. He has put us in contact with some wonderful business partners to help us grow our business and has helped us to integrate some fantastic marketing and sales tools to increase effectiveness. If you are looking to improve and grow your business, Jim is the right man for the job.”
Kevin Chaikin, Director of Marketing and Communications Renewal by Andersen
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim Weiskopf on several projects over a four year period. As a marketing director focused on selling technology solutions to public sector customers, I worked with Jim to create and implement high profile marketing programs and internal sales contests which successfully drove targeted results. The programs were always creative, fun, memorable and featured regular communications to continue the buzz.

I highly recommend Jim as a creative professional you can count on to deliver results. Plus, he is a really great guy.”

Marci Neill , Senior Federal Marketing executive at Microsoft
“Jim has a great understanding of how to drive leads, build brands and help companies grow through the use of traditional and new media. Over the years we’ve worked with Jim to help us drive leads to Fitness Resource. He worked with us in multiple markets and creatively showed us how to improve our lead cost by using new media with our traditional media. Jim taught us how to use radio personalities to promote and endorse our Fitness Resource brand through radio and on-line video. We worked with him on landing page promotions, lead capture, streaming video, banner ads, and on-air and on-line personality driven radio lead generation programs. He can help you increase lead flow and he understands how to communicate in today’s new social media world.”
Carolyn Gregory, Director of Adv and Marketing Fitness Resource
“I have worked with Jim on a number of levels as an advisor, including on M&A deals. Apart from being a skilled marketing guy and motivator, Jim has a great grasp of numbers, business plans and markets…which is not always the case with “sales guys”. So don’t let the “Whirling Dervish” kind of guy first impression fool you. Jim is also a nuts and bolts detail kind of guy who knows how to crunch the numbers.”
John Austin, Managing Partner, Austin Wealth Management
“Jim is a visionary. He is a business savvy, self-starter who maintains high personal and professional standards. He is creative and yet extremely disciplined when it comes to customer service, business development, identifying and recruiting talent, retaining talent, motivating others through effective listening skills. Jim is able to build both profitable business plans as well as effective teams to reach goals and objectives. A strong communicator – Jim is direct, genuine, deliberate, analytic, smart and resourceful. He’s a relentless, results oriented leader who is highly respected in a number of industries. He has an uncanny talent for identifying and developing business opportunities with exceptional problem-solving skills.”
James Bartlett, President | Executive Search Consultant at Bartlett & Skolfield
“Jim is an exceptional media professional. His ability to put together winning sales organizations combined with his new media and marketing smarts makes him an outstanding asset to any organization. He has legions of raving fans and I’m proud to be one as well. I have always admired his passion for winning and his loyalty to his people. You won’t find a better sales leader anywhere.”
Keith Samuels, VP/Senior Consultant, Center for Sales Strategy
“Jim was my direct manager for five years at Clear Channel. He promoted me from an Account Manager to a Local Sales Manager and was instrumental in helping to guide me through my career. He has a knack for building teams, recognizing talent and creating a positive work environment where you not only grow and learn, but enjoy coming to work everyday.”
Heather Steffan, Sales Manager, Clear Channel
“I have coached baseball with Jim for the past two years. As a head coach, he is innovative and smart, works hard, and truly cares about the kids. It’s no wonder that the team enjoyed another perfect season (33-0) this year. He is a great coach, a great motivator, and a great person.”
Mark Pankowski, Public Relations and Communications Consultant, Independent Firm